Moment Battery Photo Case for iPhone 8

Arguably, the battery has a problem for Apple since its inception, whereas the camera has been flawless right from the go; this blend as a whole turns out a packet of entertainment for the techies out there. What if both the camera part and battery life gets a performance enhancer? Reading this will be pleasing for the iPhone-enthusiast but at the same, it may sound unrealistic in a while.
The hoopla above is for real as the battery can get the boost and so the camera with just a little thingy on. If that sounds too subtle for you to decode what we are actually talking about; this review is about the 3 in 1 case.

Moment Battery Photo Case for iPhone 8 Review

Is it your cup of tea?
The aforementioned 3 in 1 case would have got you on the edge of your seat and that’s worth it as this Moment case gives your phone the protection, extra battery life and of course the additional camera lenses for the photography. The option lanyard attached to this case adds bit extra grip to your phone so now you won’t drop it down that easy. Before knowing more about the case, one better need to know that it is produced by the company, which goes by the name ‘Moment’; this group strives to produce the accessories to enhance your photo-capturing experience.
So, now if you’re a film director or the aspiring photographer you get guaranteed safety for your phone on the move, and what works more to it is the extra back up of 3800 mAh battery that won’t get you off the work anytime long. If you’re looking to garner your already superb camera of the iPhone 8, you can use the additional lenses for that purpose as well.

This case is something on the mission to take your style to the next level as it offers everything an iPhone user mostly looks out for while opting the cases. Yes, it is slim and sleek, offer protection from inside out and doesn’t make you look outdated at all. With even offering a 3800mAh battery on power, this case doesn’t lead to extra bulge on your phone; it only adds 7mm thickness to your phone.
The additional camera lens adds more to your style and also grabs the limelight when you using it during the festive or events.

With this case on you get the premium quality protection for your phone. As this case offers multiple functions and features which make it act as the jack of all trades; the durability for this one is another plus on the cards.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

What it is made up of?
thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Value for Money (VfM)
It might sound too pricey but you can’t deny the fact that it has multiple functions on the offering. So, it won’t be wrong to say that this case is right on the money.