Mous Limitless for iPhone XR

If you found yourself reading this review, then congratulations on getting the iPhone XR. It is known, how hefty it’s price can be. You need to ensure that your phone stays safe, out of harm’s way. It would be awful to have such an advanced and expensive piece of technology getting damaged, be it even a minute scratch.
Mous takes the protection of your iPhone XR to a whole new level. Its advanced design is here to seize the day. It saves you major bucks. Better to save your phone from peril and use your phone worry-free, then to pay the hefty repair charges.

Does it please the eye?
If you own an Apple phone, that too an iPhone XR, you must prefer something that looks attractive and appealing. Mous Limitless is just that. From ceiling to doors and floors, where we admire the ostentatious wood designs and tessellations. Mous incorporates the wood wonders into a phone case.
Mous is known for making cases that can bear any blow. It has incorporated strength and minimum weight into the Mous Limitless for iPhone XR, revamping the whole experience.

Case Specifications
It’s lined with high impact material with impeccable shock absorbing capability which dampens the effect of the impact. The Airo Shock feature allows the phone to be slim yet sturdy. Furthermore, augmented Airo Shock density, the thickness is optimized. This feature is accomplished through the cross-linked polymer chains.

Grips your iPhone XR Tightly
You cannot prevent your phone from falling. These Limitless cases are rigid that doesn’t let the case bend. It also fits the phone tightly, leaving no space for movement inside. This prevents screen scratches when the phone falls face down and the phone from popping out of the case.

Screen Protection is a Must
Mous also gifts you a screen protector along with the case. How thoughtful of Mous. No need to purchase it separately. Till this point, it would not be shocking to see someone throw their phone at a wall.

Pockets in a Cover?
An interesting feature of pockets is introduced in the cover. These built-in slots can store your sim. Moreover, it has the auto align technology. It has magnets hidden to support holsters or additional pockets for cards or cash.

Camera Protection
Raised bezels ensure the camera lens and screen stays safe from friction off surfaces. The high edge does not block the view of the amazing camera of the iPhone XR, neither does it hinder the flash. Cutouts of the case are made to size, making sure they are accessible without any hassle.

A whole range of designs has been put to the competition. They have the carbon fiber, walnut, black leather, bamboo, and white shell. These materials are 100% authentic. Yes, that is actual wood you are witnessing. Mous offers you the real deal.
With such a wider variety available, you can mix and match them with your routine.

It costs $39.99 at the official site. Mous Limitless phone covers aren’t indestructible but are truly a tough one to beat.