Nomad Clear Case for iPhone 8

Apple is known for exciting its customers thoroughly with trio release concept, which always have something for someone. The same was practised by Apple in September 2017, where this bigwig company released iPhone 8, big brother iPhone 8 Plus and the one which completely outshined both of the two aforementioned, iPhone X. And why it shouldn’t be as X pronounced as ‘10’ came up with something that still had to wait a year or two to roll out of the curtains.
The all-glass back was a major highlight for the least happening iPhone 8 and one can’t argue about the premium feel and elegance it had to offer. At the same time, it needed extra safeguard and protection to get it secure from the drops, scratches and scuffs.
So, if you are the guy who wants to show off the premium back of your phone and still need to pamper it with enough protection; here is an iPhone case review for you.

Is it your cup of tea?
If you’re a fan of the leather patina and its high-end feel, of course, this case has something to get you on the edge of your seat. The leather shell on the lower part of your phone gives the edge to edge protection; making it comfortable when even dropped from the certain height of 6ft. If this leather ultra-feel thingy is something you have been hearing now and then; what’s different about this case is it has soft microfiber lining on the upper part of your phone that makes it clear enough for you to show off the glass-back and also the iconic Apple logo, and that too without compromising on your phone’s protection.

When it’s about the leather how you could think it would cost you your style as this premium material simply adds more to your personality. Talking specifically about the leather material used in this case it is Horween leather straight outta the USA. Moreover, the soft microfiber lining intact on the upper part of your case gives you the opportunity to show-off the glamorous glass-back of your phone and so the Apple logo on the back.

The high-end leather assures you protection for years without making it look dull for even once. This premium leather is specifically designed to go through your daily routine without getting wear and tear. This top-notch case doesn’t disappoint whether it’s about the protection or the style.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Brown Leather

What it is made up of?
Horween Leather, soft microfiber lining

Value for Money (VFM)
This $39 would be one of the wisest investments for your phone as it gives compact protection and also let you flaunt the glass-back of your phone without worrying about getting scratches and scuffs.