Noreve Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 8

iPhone has always been phenomenal and with each iteration, it seems the latest one is the masterpiece, the iPhone-fans have always been waiting for. But what’s quite unfortunate about the iPhone 8 is it wasn’t something good enough to compel iPhone 7 users to buy it in the first place, but still it had enough goodness to catch the attraction of old iOS device user or the one eyeing to switch to iOS from Android.
Skipping the cons of iPhone 8, one can’t deny the various pros of it including the chipset A11 Bionic that went on smashing highest benchmark scores. The all-glass back is also a plus and one can’t argue about that but to make sure it remains undamaged you need to cover it with some finest cases in the market. Here we have got a phone case review for you:
Noreve Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 8 Review

Is it your cup of tea?
This case isn’t an ordinary one that is upon a mission to ensure the protection of your phone; as it’s a wallet case that comes with the uncommon design. The leather makeover for your phone adds to the elegance apart from ensuring the protection round the clock. Carved out of the finest leather, this case is designed by the craftsmen from France so the beauty aspect remains spot on with it. The precise cutouts make sure the esthetics attached to your device, whereas the inner thermoplastic frame offers enough space for you to hold out your cash, cards or ID.

It may look like a wallet in the first glance and the case in the second but once you open it in front of someone, it will be the right time for this case to flaunt its dual-function of protection and offer a specially designed pocket, which serves as the wallet for your phone.

It’s out from the Saint Topez, the finest grain leather, getting it hand-stitched by the best in the business craftsmen from France; do one still, need to speak up for the durability this case would have to offer? The answer is big no as this case is from the Noreve, backed by enough quality that may make it long-lasting for years.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Unlike many other leather cases, it doesn’t take away colours from you with just handing you the black or brown colour. It will be pertinent to mention here that it comes with 2-dozens of colour options; so which one are you buying this time?

What it is made up of?

Value for Money (VFM)
For $66.83 a high-end wallet case is something you need to grab without even having the second thought about it. It may look bit costly as compared to the other cases but you can’t overlook the spacious wallet feature within it.